Our Web Pilots provide services to businesses from small to large.

For every new inquiry WPE supplies a first time free-of-charge consultation followed with documentation of services discussed and an estimate. We make it as easy as possible for clients to obtain the site they invision with the desired variable graphic elements; templates, flash, logos and print graphics for CD’s, books, or stationary.

Our designs provide logical layouts for site visitors to quickly and easily find what they’re seeking, and our step by step process delivers a complete and satisfing end product for every project we take on.

Locally (SF Bay Area), we also provide digital photo services. Please inquire: 415-381-3139.

We are headquartered in Tiburon, CA and have been operating here since 1985.

Animal/Pet Breeders & Trainers
Clubs & Associations
Finance & Investment
Meeting/Event Planners
Multi-Level Marketing/Network Marketing
Real Estate
Service Providers

The way your site functions determines your credibility in cyberspace. If a site is poorly designed with non functioning pages and links, people will most likely look elsewhere.

Sometimes the do-it-yourself site has its advantages. They are low cost and, in some cases, easy to put together. However, the level of knowledge needed to produce an effective web site is not an easy thing to acquire. For example… How will you get your graphics created? How are you going to get your forms to work with back end scripting? What is the best optimization process for pictures and photos? Do you have the experience to architect the site with a logical structure? And it goes on and on.

WPE’s web services make use of the latest technologies, which allows our clients the benefit of premium levels of presentation. Our web design services supply creative and professional web sites for large and small projects alike.

We can include special features such as Flash and other graphic effects, and we supply backend database and server solutions to include CGI, Java, PHP, ASP, SQL and .NET solutions for online forms, e-commerce shopping carts, message boards, polls and other data gathering options.

Domains and host sites are two different items. The web site’s name is also called the domain name (i.e. It is the most important aspect of your site. You need to have a domain for hosting to work.

Be mindful of the name you choose, you want your customers to remember your site’s address. So use easy to recall names and avoid, if you can, names that need special symbols or difficult spelling.

Hosting is where your web site (domain) is physically housed or parked. There are many hosting options available from small to large site capacities. You should pick a plan that will accommodate your current and future web site needs.

Today hosting costs are truly affordable, and we have a variety of options to serve almost any business need. Host recommendations are based upon information derived from our initial consultation including special feature requirements that may be required.
Our knowledgable e-marketing savvy gets your product or service in front of your prospects and customers without intrusive or offending marketing machinations.

Studies show that frequent submission of your site’s listing to major search engines work. We can get you started for as little as $12.00!

We are equipped and able to handle a variety of e-commerce solutions from single item to full-store catalogs.